Sex and Another City

Join presenter Ishra Sharif on a segment of the Style Spy as she visits Sex and Another City, a fundraiser for breast cancer research located at Ceili’s on Granville St. This ‘Sex and the City’ themed event is hosted by actor Jason Lewis, who rose to fame as the character Smith Jerrod, Sam’s actor-boyfriend on the hit HBO television series.

House beats set the mood of a decked-out pink and white room reminiscent of a Miami Beach club; beds beneath layers of netting are situated around the floor, the feature drink of the night is “Smirnoff’s Grand Cosmopolitan.” The cocktail mix sits temptingly on the beds in a fun shade of girl’s-night-out pink, models pose on platforms demurely looking over the room, and fashion lines inspired by the event, such as “Shine” by fashion designer Kaylan Mackenzie, are on show.

A coworker and friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer inspired the founder of the event, Lisa Caruso. They wanted a fundraising event with a decidedly “girly factor”, and it just so happened that Jason Lewis was booked in Vancouver at the same time. Join Vancouver’s young and polished on a night out for the heart and the spirit in this clip.

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